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Critique of realism (how Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto have taken the fun out of warfare)

I consider myself an escapist. And video games are a wonderful medium for escapism, as you can explore new worlds with fascinating characters and stories with the press of a button. That explains the appeal of video games. They’re a gateway to a new universe that you can interact with. And why would you pass that up? I mean, let’s face it: real life is pretty bleak. When you turn on the news, you’re met with headlines detailing despair and suffering. One of those headlines that has been prominent over the last few years was the conflict in the Middle East. Let’s take a look at that situation. There was a war fueled by oil and for oil that destabilized the region, terrorizing those who lived there, and caused unrest and protest back home. We can agree that it was overall, a bad thing. So why is almost every recent first-person shooter about the conflict in the Middle East?? What is the point in reminding people of the turmoil that war caused by having them play through it? And why does Call of Duty find it necessary to kill off as many player characters as they can? Thanks for reminding us how easy it is a life can be taken away while in service. That’s a nice feel-good endgame moment right there.Even if the game doesn’t revolve around the conflict in the Middle East, most modern shooters are military-based. Think about the most popular shooters: Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War,  Medal of Honor. Apparently some rule exists that in only members of the armed forces are allowed guns in video games. The only difference between some of these games is that in some you are shooting Russians and terrorists, and in the others you are shooting aliens. Either way, the game is saying, “Hey look, foreigners! Kill them for your country! Hooah.” There’s a big difference between modern warfare shooters and WWII shooters. Everyone can agree that Nazis were evil and had to be stopped, so gamers should have no issue peppering a Jerry with their MP44. I certainly didn’t. But when today’s wars are met with so much controversy, why fan the flames?

From massacring Russians to betrayal in ten minutes or less

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