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Star Wars: The Old Republic (Close, but no credits)

A scene from the one of the cinematics that gave the game notoriety.

For years, the nightmares were endless. The obnoxious and difficult interface, the slap in the face to historical accuracy, and the nonexistent plot were just a few of the horrors. Although, I was able to remove Star Wars: Galaxies from my computer, I was unable to remove the terror from my soul. I had just gotten myself away from World of Warcraft, I was in middle school at the time. I was looking for a new MMO and one set in my beloved Star Wars universe seemed perfect at the time. I didn’t know how wrong I was. Seeing all the Jedi run around during the Galactic Civil War was very unsettling. The “Galactic Market”, Galaxies‘ form of an auction house was barren and difficult to use. I had heard good things about endgame content, but the grind process it took to get to that point was unbearable. It was heartbreaking to see that game limp along the way it did. I’d say the final shutdown in late 2011 was a mercy killing.

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Pandemic Studios (What Could Have Been #1)

What Could Have Been is a series of segments about studios whose doors have closed, the games that could’ve and should’ve been made, games that might’ve done them in, and other studios who could fill the void.


I’ve decided to begin with Pandemic Studios, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Radical was just recently shut down, so it’s still a little too painful to discuss. The closing of Pandemic is one of the many reasons why I was pleased to see The Consumerist “award” EA with the title of “The Worst Company in America.”

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