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The Simpsons Hit & Run (a GTA clone that recognizes its own lack of intelligence

Try and get this image out of your head.

My family has a few traditions that we’re quite proud of. Beer at five o’clock, frequent extended Lord of the Rings marathons, and a love of cutting remarks and sarcasm that stems from our British roots. I know, we’re soooo cool. But one of our great obsessions is with that of the Simpsons. From the gatherings to watch the two re-runs played at five and six (with our beers during the five o’clock showing of course), to the comics I have stashed away in my closet, to the endless repetition of our favorite quotes, our #1 being “everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!” This infatuation of mine is a big reason I’ve decided to dust off the old Gamecube and stick in The Simpsons: Hit and Run. But surprisingly, this is a game that can resonate with gamers who haven’t even seen an episode of The Simpsons. Sure, some of the lines and references will go over your head, but the game is still over-the-top in all the right ways, and is vital to the game library of someone who enjoys reckless driving and destruction. And if you haven’t seen an episode of the show, since apparently you’re living in a cave with an inexplicable source of wi-fi, I place a curse on you until you ‘ve seen at least three seasons. You know what, go watch the whole series right now. I’ll wait. Continue reading

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